Sunday, February 23, 2020

Panzer IV 1939-1945, Paul Thomas

A mix of a history of the Panzer IV and a modelling guide, combined with an excellent selection of photographs of the tank, showing the many variants produced and their identification features. A good introduction to the topic, with an especially good selection of well captioned photographs
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Casca 41: The Longbowman, Tony Roberts

An atmospheric retelling of the Agincourt campaign, mainly looking at it from the level of a group of archers in a minor retinue, so away from the main decision makers. Takes us through the mud and confusion of a Medieval campaign, with all of its disease and confusion, and gives a good idea of how it must have felt for the common soldiers as Henry V’s army attempted to escape from far more numerous French forces. A strong entry in this long running series
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The Trafalgar Chronicle New Series 2, ed. Peter Hore

Mainly built around a series of articles looking at the early history of the US Marine Corps and the Royal Marines in the period around the Napoleonic Wars. An interesting mix of articles, ranging from the American campaigns against the Barbary Pirates to the life of an officer stranded ashore in Dorset, taking in many of the major campaigns of the period, and in particular Trafalgar. Includes a splendid selection of illustrations, most memorably those produced by one naval officer to illustrate his career
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Thursday, February 20, 2020

HMS Eden (1903)

HMS Eden (1903) was a River class destroyer that served with the Ninth Flotilla on the Tyne in 1914-15 and with the local Defence Flotilla at Portsmouth from 1915 until she was sunk in a collision with a merchant ship on 18 June 1916.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

USS McDermut (DD-262)

USS McDermut (DD-262) was a Clemson class destroyer that served with the Pacific Fleet for most of the 1920s, before being scrapped in 1932 under the terms of the London Naval Treaty.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

HMS Derwent (1903)

HMS Derwent (1903) was a River class destroyer that served with the Ninth Flotilla in 1914-15, then at Portsmouth from 1915 until she hit a mine and sank on 2 May 1917 while escorting a convoy.

Monday, February 17, 2020

USS Delphy (DD-261)

USS Delphy (DD-261) was a Clemson class destroyer that was most famous for being one of the seven destroyers lost in the Honda Point disaster of 1923.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Bren Gun Carrier – Britain’s Universal War Machine, Robert Jackson

A look at one of the most numerous tracked vehicles in British service during the Second World War, originally designed to carry machine guns to the location where they were needed, but soon adapted to fulfil a much wider range of functions. Found wherever British and Commonwealth forces fought during the Second World War, this was one of the most flexibly vehicles in British service
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Admiral Albert Hastings Markham – A Victorian Tale of Triumph, Tragedy & Exploration, Frank Jastrzembski

A biography of a Victorian admiral most famous for his part in the disastrous lost of HMS Victoria in 1893, but who deserves to be better known for his role in Arctic exploration, and the general adventurousness  of his life! This saw him serve in Chinese waters, the South Seas, and reach the furthest point north yet achieved by explorers
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Whitehaven in the Great War, Ruth Mansergh

Looks at the impact of the war on Whitehaven and the surrounding area, including the one German attack on the area, the exploits of the area’s winners of the Victoria Cross, the impact on industry, the location of the many war memorials in the area, the impact of Belgian refuges, and a wide range of other topics
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