Monday, October 23, 2017

Ignaz Gyulai, Graf von Maros-Nemth und Nadaska (1763-1831)

Ignaz Gyulai, Graf von Maros-Nemth und Nadaska (1763-1831) was an Austrian general most famous for his role in the campaigns of 1813 and 1814.

Hieronymus Karl, Graf von Colloredo-Mansfield

Hieronymus Karl, Graf von Colloredo-Mansfield was an Austrian general who served throughout the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Rikugun - Guide to Japanese Ground Forces 1937-1945 - Volume 2: Weapons of the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy Ground Forces, Leland Ness

Looks at an impressively wide range of the weapons used by the Japanese military during the Second World War, covering personal weapons such as machine guns or grenades, the full range of artillery and anti-aircraft guns, aircraft detection systems, tanks, mines, chemical weapons (including smoke generators) and even river crossing equipment. A very useful reference work on the equipment of the Japanese armed forces, providing both a narrative account of developments in a particular area and weapon by weapon technical details
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Military Technology of the First World War - Development, Use and Consequences, Wolfgang Fleischer

Focuses on the technology used by the German army, with a particular focus on those weapons that played a direct part in the battles on the Western Front - machine guns, flame throwers, gas, artillery, mortars and tanks. Very useful to have a book written from the German point of view. Well illustrated, and the text is supported by a good selection of eyewitness accounts describing the impact of the new technology as seen by those who were using it
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The Thinking Man's Soldier - The Life and Career of General Sir Henry Brackenbury, 1837-1914, Christopher Brice

A biography of a Victorian soldier who made his name away from the front line, and in particular as head of the Intelligence Department and the successful head of the Ordnance Department during the Boer War, where the army had to cope with demands on a unprecedented scale. An interesting view of life in the British Army as it changed from the disastrously amateurish force of the Crimean War into the increasingly professional force that fought the First World War
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Friday, October 20, 2017

Battle of Saturnia (83 BC)

The battle of Saturnia (83 BC) was a minor victory for Sulla's forces over a detached part of Carbo's army during a period of campaigning in the area around Clusium (Sulla's Second Civil War).

Battle of the Glanis River (83 BC)

The battle of the Glanis River (83 BC) saw Sulla defeat a force of Celtiberian cavalry that had been sent to help the Consuls in their attempt to resist his invasion of Italy (Sulla's Second Civil War).

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Consolidated B-36 Peacekeeper

The Consolidated B-36 Peacekeeper was developed in response to the early German victories in 1939-40, but development was slow, and it ended up being Strategic Air Command's main long range bomber during the 1950s.