Friday, September 29, 2017

Battle of the River Aesis (82 BC)

The battle of the River Aesis (82 BC) was the first battle in the second year of Sulla's Second Civil War, and probably saw a Sullan army under Metellus Pius defeat part of the consul Carbo's army, under the command of one of his generals, C. Carinas.

Battle of Sacriportus (82 BC) w

The battle of Sacriportus (82 BC) was a key battle of Sulla's Second Civil War, and saw him defeat the army of the consul Marius the Younger. In the aftermath Marius was besieged in Praeneste, while Sulla was able to occupy Rome without a fight.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Consolidated XA-11

The Consolidated XA-11 was a two seat single engined attack aircraft developed from the Detroit/ Lockheed P-24, but only a handful of aircraft were produced.

Consolidated C-87 'Liberator Express'

The Consolidated C-87 'Liberator Express' was a transport version of the B-24 Liberator bomber that was produced in reasonable numbers and saw service with the USAAF, US navy, RAF and RAAF.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

7.7cm Feldkanone 16

The 7.7cm Feldkanone 16 was an improved version of the 7.7cm Feldkanone 96 n/A, with increased range.

7.7cm Feldkanone 96 n/A

The 7.7cm Feldkanone 96 n/A was the standard German field gun at the outbreak of the First World War, but suffered from a lack of range, and was superseded by the 7.7cm Feldkanone 16 from 1916.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

USS Aaron Ward (DD-132)

USS Aaron Ward (DD-132) was a Wickes class destroyer that took part in the Neutrality Patrol before being transferred to the Royal Navy, where she served as HMS Castleton.
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USS Buchanan (DD-131)/ HMS Campbeltown

USS Buchanan (DD-131)/ HMS Campbeltown was a Wickes class destroyer most famous for its part in the raid on St. Nazaire in 1942.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Fourth day of the battle of Leipzig (19 October 1813)

The fourth day of the battle of Leipzig (19 October 1813) saw the French attempt to carry out a fighting retreat from the city, but their efforts were marred when the only bridge heading west out of the city was destroyed while tens of thousands of French troops were still in the city.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

'Battle' of Teanum (83 BC)

The 'battle' of Teanum (83 BC) saw Sulla win over almost the entire army of the consul Scipio Asiaticus, winning a bloodless victory over the second of the two consular armies that had been sent against him as he advanced towards Rome (Sulla's Second Civil War).

Battle of Mount Tifata or Casilinum (83 BC)

The battle of Mount Tifata or Casilinum (83 BC) was the first major battle during Sulla's invasion of Italy after his return from the east, and saw him defeat the army of the consul Gaius Norbanus (Sulla's Second Civil War).

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Consolidated P-30/ PB-2

The Consolidated P-30/ PB-2 was the only two man single engined fighter to see service with the USAAC between the wars, and was based on the P-25, itself a development of the Detroit/ Lockheed P-24.

Consolidated P-25

The Consolidated P-25 was a two-seat single engined fighter that was produced in prototype form and then ordered into production as the Consolidated P-30.

Monday, September 18, 2017

USS Jacob Jones (DD-130)

USS Jacob Jones (DD-130) was a Wickes class destroyer that was sunk by U-578 on 28 February 1942 leaving only 11 survivors.

USS DeLong (DD-129)

USS DeLong (DD-129) was a Wickes class destroyer that was scrapped after she ran aground on 1 December 1921, only two years after being commissioned.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Chindit vs Japanese Infantryman 1943-44, Jon Diamond

Looks at the battles between the Japanese infantryman in Burma and Wingate's Chindits, a deep penetration force that operated deep into Japanese held territory. Covers the training and plans for both sides, one battle from the first Chindit operation in 1943 and two from the larger operations of 1944. Includes some interesting material on the Japanese view of the Chindits
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The Italian Folgore Parachute Division – Operations in North Africa 1940-43, Paolo Morisi

A history of an elite Italian paratrooper division that was trained for the invasion of Malta, but used as normal infantry on the El Alamein front and in Tunisia, where it was almost wiped out. Covers the units formation, training, the extensive preparations for the invasion of Malta, and its short combat career at Alam Halfa and 2nd Alamein, where the original division was almost wiped out, and the final days in Tunisia where the survivors fought under a parent division
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Guardian Angel: Life and Death Adventures with Pararescue, the World's Most Powerful Commando Rescue Force, William F. Sine, USAF (Ret.)

The autobiography of a member of a parachute rescue unit in the USAF, a special forces unit dedicated to rescue and retrieval missions, capable of operating in just about any environment. A likeable account of life in an extraordinary unit, although one that doesn’t hide some of the grimmer aspects of their work, which also involves recovering the bodies of dead American servicemen as well as the more positive rescue missions.
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Friday, September 15, 2017

Third day of the battle of Leipzig (18 October 1813)

The third day of the battle of Leipzig (18 October 1813) was dominated by a general Allied assault on three sides of the city, and by the start of Napoleon's retreat west towards the Rhine.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Sulla's Second Civil War (83-82 BC)

Sulla's Second Civil War (83-82 BC) saw Sulla overthrow the Marian establishment of Rome, reform the Roman constitution and then unexpectedly retire into private life, giving up formal power.
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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Consolidated XB2Y-1

The Consolidated XB2Y-1 was a design for a dive bomber produced for the US Navy, but that didn't get past the prototype stage.

Consolidated PT-6

The Consolidated PT-6 was a training aircraft based on the Fleet 2 civilian biplane.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Social History of British Naval Officers 1775-1815, Evan Wilson

 A different take on a familiar topic, uses a database of randomly selected commissioned and warrant officers to examine the overall experiences of the British naval officer during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, and their place in Georgian society - who were they, where did they come from, what was the typical career for the different types of naval officers. Also examines how (and if) they qualified as 'gentlemen', a key element of social status in Georgian Britain
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Spies, Scouts and Secrets in the Gettysburg Campaign, Thomas J. Ryan

Looks at the intelligence resources available to the Union and Confederate commanders during the Gettysburg campaign, the information they provided and the impact (or lack of) that that information had on the events of the campaign. A valuable addition to the literature on Gettysburg, looking at a key element of the campaign, and an area in which the Union forces had a clear advantage of their Confederate opponents
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Burma Road 1943-44 - Stilwell's assault on Myitkyina, Jon Diamond

Looks at the multinational Allied invasion of northern Burma, which ended with the capture of Myitkyina and the opening of a land route to China. Nice to have a book that looks at this battle in its own right, rather than a preliminary to the reconquest of southern and central Burma or a footnote to the Chindits
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Friday, September 08, 2017

USS Babbitt (DD-128)

USS Babbitt (DD-128) was a Wickes class destroyer that operated on escort duties in the Atlantic during the Second World War, including long spells operating from Reykjavik.

USS Twiggs (DD-127)/ HMS Leamington

USS Twiggs (DD-127)/ HMS Leamington was a Wickes class destroyer that served in four different navies - the US Navy, the Royal Navy, the Royal Canadian Navy and the Soviet Navy, and ended her life as a film star.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Second day of the battle of Leipzig (17 October 1813)

The second day of the battle of Leipzig (17 October 1813) was fairly inactive, and is most notable for the arrival of large numbers of Allied reinforcements, and Napoleon's failure to take a chance to escape.

Combat of Dessau (12 October 1813)

The combat of Dessau (12 October 1813) saw an isolated division from Tauenzien's Corps defeated by French troops who were attempting to intercept Blücher and Bernadotte as they moved west down the Elbe.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

siege of Rome (87 BC)

The siege of Rome (87 BC) saw the opponents of Sulla seize control of the city after a prolonged campaign in the vicinity of Rome.

Sulla's attack on Rome or the battle of the Esquiline Forum (88 BC)

Sulla's attack on Rome or the battle of the Esquiline Forum (88 BC) was a key moment in the fall of the Roman Republic, and was the first time in at least 400 years that a Roman commander had led an army against the city (Sulla's First Civil War).

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Rodolfo Graziani (1882-1955)

Rodolfo Graziani (1882-1955) was an Italian general most famous for his humiliating defeat in Libya in 1940-41, which saw a small British force destroy the vast Italian army in Libya.

Giovanni Messe (1883-1968)

Giovanni Messe (1883-1968) was a capable Italian general who fought in the Eastern Front before commanding Rommel's old army in Tunisia during 1943.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Consolidated N2Y

The Consolidated N2Y was a version of the Fleet tandem-two seat trainer that was used for familiarization training for skyhook pilots operating with the airships USS Akron and USS Macon.

Consolidated Y1C-22

The Consolidated Y1C-22 was the designation given to three Model 17 Fleetster transport aircraft ordered after the success of the similar Y1C-11.

Friday, September 01, 2017

PanzerKampfWagen VI Ausf E 'Tiger I'

The PanzerKampfWagen VI Ausf E 'Tiger I' was one of the most famous tanks of the Second World War, and was a heavily armed and armoured tank capable of taking on any of its Allied opponents. However it was produced in relatively small numbers, and was mechanically unreliable, and these combined to reduce its impact on the course of the war.