Friday, July 23, 2010

HMS Slinger

HMS Slinger was a Ruler class escort carrier that served as a replenishment carrier with the British Pacific Fleet in 1945

HMS Ruler

HMS Ruler was the name ship of the Ruler class of escort carriers, built in the United States as the Prince William class and based on a standard merchant ship hull

HMS Begum

HMS Begum was a Ruler class escort carrier that spent most of its career acting as a ferry carrier, apart from six months spent protecting Allied shipping in the Far East in the second half of 1944.

HMS Arbiter

HMS Arbiter was a Ruler class escort carrier that had a short service carrier with the Royal Navy, becoming a replenishment carrier in the British Pacific Fleet in the summer of 1945

Ruler class of escort carriers

The Ruler class of escort carriers were the largest group of aircraft carriers to serve in the Royal Navy during the Second World War

Nos.808 and 808 Squadrons, Fleet Air Arm

No.808 Naval Air Squadron was a single-engine fighter squadron that served on the Ark Royal until she was sunk, then helped support the landings at Salerno before joining the East Indian Fleet.

No.809 Naval Air Squadron was a single-engine fighter squadron that served extensively in the Mediterranean and in the Far East, taking part in the invasions of North Africa, Italy and the south of France and the liberation of Rangoon and Malaya

Fairey Fulmar

The Fairey Fulmar was a moderately successful fighter aircraft that served with the Fleet Air Arm from 1940 until 1943, despite suffering from a lack of speed and a poor climb rate, at least when compared to its main opponents

HMS Ark Royal

HMS Ark Royal (1937-1941) was the first purpose built large aircraft carrier to be completed for the Royal Navy, and one of the most famous warships of the Second World War

Ariksaka Model 1905 bolt action rifle

The Japanese were to use rifles throughout the Second World War which were heavily based on the Ariksaka Model 1905 bolt action rifle which had served them during the First World War.

Dalmatian Front, 1809

The combat of Mt. Kita (16 May 1809) was the first of a series of French victories that broke the deadlock on the Dalmatian Front during the War of the Fifth Coalition

The combat of Gracac (17 May 1809) was a battle between Austrian and French troops on the Dalmatia-Croatia border that ended in a draw, but that did not prevent the Austrians from having to withdraw further into Croatia

The combat of Gospic (21-22 May 1809) was hard fought clash between the Austrians and French on the border between Croatia and Dalmatia that ended in a draw but that forced the Austrians to retreat to the north.

The combat of Zutalovka (25 May 1809) was a clash between a retreating Austrian army from Croatia and the pursuing French Army of Dalmatia

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Battle of Raab (14 June 1809)

The battle of Raab (14 June 1809) was a victory won by the French Army of Italy over an Austrian army in Western Hungary, preventing that army from reinforcing the main Austrian army in the days before the battle of Wagram.

Combat of Papa (12 June 1809)

The combat of Papa (12 June 1809) was a rearguard action fought during Archduke John of Austria's retreat towards the Danube after the failure of his invasion of Italy