Sunday, May 31, 2009

Churchill AVRE and other specials

The Churchill AVRE (Assault Vehicle, Royal Engineers) was developed after the Dieppe raid in an attempt to make combat engineers less vulnerable while they were attempting to destroy enemy defences.
The 'Carrot' Explosive Device was a light framework that could be attached to the front of a Churchill tank and that was designed to allow small explosive charges to be dropped into place
The 'Onion' Explosive Device was the first of two frames designed to allow explosive charges to be moved into place using a Churchill tank.
The Churchill AVRE with 'Goat' Explosive Device was the only one of a series of British attempts to use a tank to place an explosive charge in place to enter production during the Second World War
The Churchill Ark was an expendable bridging tank produced by fitting folding ramps at both ends of a turretless Churchill tank
The Churchill 'Jumbo' Bridging Tank carried a 30ft long bridge which it could lower into place in 1 minute 35 seconds

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