Monday, September 28, 2009

Amiot 143 and prototypes

The Amiot 140 was a twin-engined stressed skin bomber that was the precursor of the Amiot 143, one of the French bombers in service at the time of the German invasion in 1940
The Amiot 141 was the designation given to a modified version of the prototype Amiot 140M twin engined bomber that was never built.
The Amiot 142 was a prototype for a version of the Amiot 143 twin engined bomber that would have been powered by liquid cooled engines.
The Amiot 143 was one of the most numerous French bombers at the outbreak of the Second World War, but was virtually obsolete by the start of the German offensive in the west in May 1940 and the four bomber groups still equipped with the type suffered heavy losses

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