Thursday, May 10, 2007

Battles of the First Punic War

A return to the First Punic War today, starting with the Siege of Messana of 264 B.C., the first fighting between Rome and Carthage. The following year saw a Roman campaign on Sicily that resulted in an alliance between Syracuse and Rome, allowing the Romans to concentrate on defeating Carthage. The main event of 262 was the siege and battle of Agrigentum, a major Roman victory but one with disappointing results.
The first years of the First Punic War saw the fighting concentrated around Sicily. However, in 256 the Romans launched an invasion of Punic North Africa. They landed near the town of Aspis, capturing it after a siege. From there they moved on to besiege Adys. While they were engaged in that siege the Carthaginians advanced to offer battle, suffering a heavy defeat at the battle of Adys, a victory that came close to ending the war.

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