Monday, May 14, 2007

First Punic War

The sack of Agrigentum, 254 B.C., saw Carthage recapture and sack her former ally, lost to Rome in 262 B.C. The Siege of Panormus, 254 B.C., saw the Romans capture an important Carthaginian base in northern Sicily. The Battle of Panormus, 251 B.C. was a Roman victory over a Carthaginian army attempting to recapture Panormus, on the north coast of Sicily. The Siege of Lilybaeum, 250-241 B.C., was a long running Roman attempt to capture the main Carthaginian base left on Sicily. The Battle of Drepanum, 249 B.C. was the only serious Roman naval defeat of the First Punic War. The Siege of Drepanum, 242-241 B.C. saw the Romans threaten one of two remaining Punic bases on Sicily.

Velites were Roman light infantry, equipped with a small round shield, a bundle of light javelins and a gladius

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