Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Ten Hawker Aircraft of the 1930s

For a period in the 1930s the Royal Air Force was dominated by Hawker aircraft.
The Hawker Hart was a fast light bomber that could outpace any RAF fighter when it first appeared in 1928. It was also the start of a series of seven aircraft that appeared at regular intervals during the 1930s.

The Hawker Demon was a two seat fighter produced from the Hawker Hart. The Hawker Hind was a replacement for the Hawker Hart light bomber designed to fill a gap before the arrival of more modern aircraft. The Hawker Audax was the first of a series of army co-operation aircraft based on the Hawker Hart. The Hawker Hardy was a further development of the Hawker Audax army co-operation aircraft, designed specifically for service in the Middle East. The Hawker Hector was designed to replace the Hawker Audax as an army co-operation aircraft. The Hawker Hartebeeste was a version of the Audax produced for the SAAF. The Hawker Osprey was a naval version of the Hawker Hart light bomber, converted to act as a Fleet Spotter/ Reconnaissance aircraft

The Hawker Nimrod was a naval version of the Hawker Fury single seat fighter

The Hawker Henley was designed as a light bomber closely related to the Hawker Hurricane although it only saw service as a target tug

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